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CCAC/Discharge Planning

We have one CCAC\Discharge Planner which is a contracted service form CCAC. Hours of work are Monday – Friday


The majority of our inpatients are seen by the discharge planner to determine any need for services in the community. She also sees patient’s in the Emergency department and the Operating Room to organize services.  Whenever possible, services are set up in the community from the OR and ER which helps to prevent an admission to hospital.


Our discharge planner has meetings with families and significant others to coordinate home once the acute phase of illness is resolved. Our discharge planner works very closely with the team to determine the needs of the individual to ensure safe discharge to home. She is responsible for coordinating meals on wheels, equipment needed in the home, IV therapy, wound care, supplies, supportive housing, life line and any other services deemed necessary to facilitate home.


Discharge Planning is our community liaison and works closely with community partners. She is responsible to contact the placement coordinator to facilitate transition into long term care.