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Medical/Surgical Unit

The Medical Surgical Unit is a 56 bed unit consisting of:

  • 41 Medical/Surgical beds
  • 15 Complex Continuing Care

Our staff is dedicated to delivering compassionate, patient-focused care for the duration of your hospital stay. 


The Medical/Surgical Unit is comprised of a skilled team of locum physicians, nurses, a unit clerk, physiotherapists and assistants, pharmacists and assistants, a discharge planner/ CCAC liaison, and dieticians. 


The Medical/ Surgical Unit also has spiritual/pastoral care, supportive care and palliative care services available to our patients and their families. 


The Continuing Care Unit at KDH is committed to providing holistic care. The philosophy of care is to enable patients to maximize their abilities in all activities of daily living. The Interdisciplinary Team provides patient focused care, in a secure environment. Care is based on the needs and expectations identified by patients, their families and friends, and the Interdisciplinary Team.


We are committed to ensuring that you receive the support needed for your recovery and we are dedicated to your safety while you are a patient under our care.