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Mental Health Services

Mental Health services are provided throughout the hospital setting. Areas include the emergency department, in-patients who have been admitted to the nursing floors and others areas as the need arises such as oncology.

Services include mental health assessments, health teaching, smoking cessation, monitoring the effects of treatment, ensuring follow up in the community by completing appropriate referrals, providing family support, administering psychotropic medications, advocating for the mental health client, participating with the multidisciplinary team in the hospital and networking with the community partners. The Psychiatric nurse is actively involved in committee/focus groups and assisting with Dr. Richard’s clinic by triaging the referrals and accompanying him when he sees in-patients. The Psychiatric/Special Project’s Nurse also provides and arranges in-service sessions for staff and works on special projects as they are assigned.

Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians within the hospital setting can make referrals to the Psychiatric Nurse. Outside of the hospital setting, Mental Health Workers (Social Workers etc.) can update the nurse that a client will be presenting in the ER.