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Specialty Clinic

The Kirkland and District Hospital`s Visiting Specialist Clinics provides the community with access to services from a variety of Specialists. All Specialists provide assessment, treatment and follow-up at their clinics.

Dr. Ballagh Otolaryngology Monthly
Dr. Buttoo Internal Medicine Twice per month
Dr. Rosenberg Internal Medicine Monthly
Dr. Lang Urology Monthly
Dr. Madden Pediatrician Every 2 Months
Dr. McIntyre Gynecology Monthly
Dr. Sales Ophthalmology Once/Twice per month
Dr. Verbeek Pediatrician Every 3 months
Dr. Zaitlen Neurology Monthly


All referrals must be made through the Booking Office in the Visiting Specialist Clinics at 705-568-2110 or internally at ext 3124.